Dr. Steve Smith, D.D.S.

I Am Very Happy This Method Has Given Me Back My Life. – Dr. Steve Smith, D.D.S.

A powerful method

I’ve found TKM® to be a very powerful healing method! TKM® Therapy Was Very Potent…I believe TKM® is where health restoration needs to go, toward encouraging the body to step up to the awesome power God has provided for the body to heal itself.- Leigh Taylor Young, Actress, Peyton Place Star, Soylent Green, The Horsemen, Picket Fences, Kelpto.. among dozens more who have appeared on stage, screen, tv, radio, and podcast.

Advocates of TKM®

I have experienced TKM® personally and it is very powerful and effective… – Burton Goldburg, Alternative Medicine Editor; Future Medicine Publisher’s Editor

I Would Be One To Defend This Method To Anyone, Anywhere, At Any Time. – Dr. Charles Hawes, D.O.

This Is A Simple But Powerful Process That Anyone Can And Should Learn. – Dr. Robert Battle, M.D.

I Strongly Affirm Dr. King’s Use Of TKM® For Healing. – Senior Pastor Richard E. Scheafer, United Methodist Church

Skeptical at First

Skeptical at first, I’m a believer now!I’ve not only seen benefits in my own life, I’ve met several people with serious conditions who have experienced amazing results. – Jeff Jones, CEO of J. Levin Productions and Sr. Producer of “Life Today” with James Robinson.

Dr Cowden

I have found TKM® to be extremely effective. It has changed my life and many of my patients.

– Dr. William Lee Cowden, M.D., Cardiologist

Embracing TKM®

“There is no logical reason for the Medical Community and the Public to not embrace the techniques of TKM®.”

Gregory L. Rookwood – National Police Trainer

Few things are as frustrating for a police officer or other first responders as the inability to provide aid and comfort to someone in need.

Long known to be the first on the scene, police are extremely limited by lack of training and equipment in their ability to treat life threatening illness or injuries. The most glaring example is in cardiac emergencies… historically officers have done CPR and little more.

The national wave of Automated External Defibrillators and early defibrillation to combat the nation’s number one killer, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) provides many officers with a definitive treatment for this “presumed” easily corrected electrical malfunction of the heart.

The question that arises is – what if officers get there before the victim is unconscious, pulseless and not breathing, the criteria for using an AED. What about when someone calls before the victim is face down in the carpet and they are merely suffering from Angina Pectoris (chest pain) or Myocardial Infarction, MI (actual heart muscle death), both caused by lack of oxygen in cardiac tissues due to compromised blood flow… exacerbated by pain, fear, and anxiety?

Officers possess no easily-administered non-invasive therapy to alleviate the symptoms or anxiety. Unless you have seen the anger and disgust in the eyes of a victim’s loved one, you cannot understand the emotional impact an officer’s helplessness has on him or the department’s standing within the community.

Upon arrival, the paramedics will administer oxygen, analgesics and other treatments to attempt to reduce both the physical and emotional symptoms… if the MI has not deteriorated into Cardiac Arrest because of the lack of any treatment by the officer.

This is one reason that I and many trainers are trying to correct this problem through the integration of a new weapon into the officer’s arsenal… TKM® has several techniques specifically designed to treat conditions in that gray zone of emergency care that police and first responders have historically been deficient in.

The timeliness of this is vital… because police agencies are responding to more cardiac and similar type calls. They will increasingly encounter victims who do not yet qualify for an AED (still alive) yet are possibly dying.

The benefits of TKM® are considerable as are the arguments for its use. It is easily learned, practiced and retained, keeping training costs down. Further, the techniques are non-invasive and require no equipment, this eliminates liability and ensures that an officer or other first responder can employ them immediately upon the determination of need.

There has long been a move toward involving patients more directly in their own health care and that of their fellow human beings. Widespread CPR training, despite concerted effort, has done little to reduce SCA deaths in this country… But has shown the ability of lay persons to learn and employ on demand simple psychomotor skills to save a life.

The next logical step is to expand the capability of this army of first responders, empowering them to treat early and possibly avoid or forestall the need for such drastic treatment as CPR or early defibrillation. Given the dismal success of CPR over the years… there is no logical reason for the medical community and the public to not embrace the techniques of TKM®.

Consider that the national survival rate for out of hospital SCA is only 5% and some researchers place CPR effectiveness statistics below this appalling number. It is interesting that the leading cause of on-duty death for police and fire professionals is cardiac arrest, and that they would be just as likely to use TKM® techniques on a co-worker as on a member of the public.

I urge you to learn what Dr. Glenn King has available for you. We are training some first responders in specialized TKM® techniques for treating emergencies and demonstrating to the law enforcement, fire and related communities the efficacy of this knowledge and training, then expand it further for inclusion in all community-oriented programs.

It is just possible that universal acceptance and use of TKM® techniques may finally allow many to answer the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Autism Reversed

For nearly over years, I’ve been a Neurodevelopmentalist treating children with brain injury, neurological damage/disorders, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities/inefficiencies, and genetic disorders.

In the capacity of a neurodevelopmentalist and lecturer, I’m often asked my opinion on vaccinations. Having seen thousands of children affected by vaccines… it’s a topic that my emotions run high… “I know vaccines have killed children!” I’ve seen it first hand. My greatest concern rests with the causal relation to the growing epidemic of childhood autism, developmental delay and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD has increased over 5 million today.

Having seen the carnage from vaccinations, we’ve chosen a different route to take with our children and grandchildren. The traditional medical community, though, can be quite intimidating to young, new parents.

Our youngest grandchild was given vaccinations at the age of two months, after the doctor badgered, threatened, laughed at, and basically lied to her mother. Believing she had no option, and in fear of being brought up as a negligent parent to child welfare authorities, our precious granddaughter Rylee was literally poisoned by mass vaccinations.

It was a matter of hours before the horrific crying started. Rylee would cry inconsolably for hours and hours. The site of the injections swelled and a huge lump developed beneath the skin. Rylee had been the best natured child up to that point. I took one look at her and knew something had happened. She was “GONE.” There was no longer a gleam in her eyes. Eye contact was gone! She no longer smiled and cooed. She stared blankly at nothingness when not crying. When crying, the only thing that would catch her attention was the movement of the ceiling fan. It held a strange fascination for her. She had no reaction to cold water. She no longer slept well. Any interaction was gone!

I grieved. I knew the path she was heading (classic autism characteristics). I was distraught, angry and frustrated.

It was at this point, a couple of weeks post vaccination, when I contacted Glenn King and he suggested a path of treatment. Two weeks after starting the program, we saw dramatic improvements with Rylee. By six weeks we had Rylee back! Her smile, her laugh, her cooing, her normal cry, normal sleeping patterns, and the gleam in her eyes had all returned. The autism was truly reversed!

We have the pictures that show the story. It is our hope to share Rylee’s story and pictures with as many families as we can in an effort to keep any family from having to experience this. I have no doubt, without the intervention, Rylee would have been severely autistic.
– Linda Kane, Neurodevelopmentalist