Dr. Joel B. Young, D.C.

We are honored to have Dr. Young provide special teaching at our Conferences.

Dr. Joel B. Young has a 5 Star rating in every category of his service and expertise by clients and professional peers, as noted online from each professional rating source.

Dr. Young is a published author of Behold Yeshua come and see and Why, God? (which can be found on his ministry site –, and host a weekly radio program, is held in high regard due to his expertise in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures and is the go-to-source for scriptural accuracy and interpretation for a number of high profile speakers and leaders, as has been demonstrated repeatedly in his knowledge, discipline and anointing through his relationship with Christ. His knowledge is vast as partially demonstrated by his ability to speak over five languages with proper accents. His lineage is of the tribe of Levi. He has a heart for teaching God’s people as demonstrated by some of his works found on his ministry site listed above.