Dr. Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN,  has authored a dozen books on the subject, spoken internationally at health conferences and meetings, is the founder and director of King Institute, LLC, and the Better Health Center in Frisco, Texas, and has researched bioelectromagnetic energy in relation to man’s health for over 25 years.

Dr. King states,

“Physics has provided us with the greatest breakthrough understanding of how the human body functions. This understanding will change how the world views sickness, injury, and disease forever. The question is, do we have time for the world to learn through the normal bureaucracy of multiple government agencies, administrative and medical governing bodies, not to mention biog pharma protecting their goals?”

You can learn in five days or less to accomplish more in many ways, than your medical doctor in preventative/natural medicine and in true health recovery for your family and loved ones, or as a health or medical professional.

The Need Is Now!… The Help Is Available Now!… Why Wait For Decades?

We’ve seen thousands resolve health issues that are commonly believed to be untreatable or incurable.  I’m making this available to the public and inviting you to come learn the healthy life that can be accomplished that most think is not possible.

All you need is the knowledge and the two hands God provided you – to use the knowledge. TKM® (The King’s Method®) is the name of the embodiment of this information and method to apply for optimal results.

I’m not just talking about you accomplishing amazing success with physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.”