Preparedness Information

If you don’t have this knowledge you are not prepared as you need to be for emergency situations under any conditions.

If You Are Serious About Preventing Or Resolving Health Disorders, Helping Family or Others or injuries.. .then allow just 5 day training on DVDs with manuals and handouts and we guarantee you will learn more than years of other training about how to provide effective help for health disorders, emergencies and to retain youth and vibrant health naturally.

This knowledge is not only a breakthrough for physical health but includes mental and emotional health for a truly vibrant life.

We will teach you more than you think is possible in a few days… plus learn new concepts that set you free from the past limitations of what you thought could be accomplished in health recovery. Your health and life will be changed in only a few days.

There is no comparison to what your experience will be in this conference.


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Be Prepared Now Conference

Every Man and Woman Can Become Equipped With The Knowledge To Help Prevent Or Resolve Most Common, Chronic To Critical Health Issues That A Human Can Experience. This will help you in emergencies when no other help is available. What you’re not aware of could save your life. Plus, we will provide up-to-date information needed for Spiritual Health and Current Spiritual Season, Financial, Debt, Food, Government, and Emergency Preparedness from a Christian World View.

What If… there was no medical help or 911 available? What If… you did not have your herbs, homeopathic’s, natural or home remedies or even medications with you… what would you do?Come And Learn What To Do…And Be Amazed, As Well As Prepared!

Have the knowledge and confidence to provide aid for yourself, spouse, child (or someone) during an asthma attack, seizure, severe bleeding or severe allergy reaction. Come and learn how to provide effective aid for most common, acute and chronic conditions, especially emergency situations!


You Will Not View Health Or Illness With The Same Perspective Again! The principles are simple to apply with expedient and often profound results.The hands-on applications will convince you how much you can accomplish with this valuable information for yourself, family and others. It Starts Immediately… You Will Finish Healthier Than When You Started… Possibly Healed.
Remember that this is the introductory/entry level which is easy enough for any adult age to learn.

The body of Christ, especially, needs to be equipped with this information and training. Nurses are in almost every training, as well as house wives to doctors, in order to learn what professionals and lay people say everyone needs to know.


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Class Information

TKM®: Introduction and Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT)

This class is based on The King’s Method® EMT manual and covers vital information on how bio-energy and our environment affect our health. Students learn emergency procedures which has shown to be highly effective in stopping heart attacks, anaphylactic shock, seizures, asthma attacks, choking, hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis and other common ailments like insect bites, hiccups and more.

This class usually includes (time allowing) critical information on common, daily habits and basic environmental toxins that effect health and quality of life. TKM® EMT classes are only provided by certified instructors of the King Institute.

Contact: King institute, LLC (214) 731-9795 or email


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